Sandringham Club

Social Activities

The Sandringham Club is by its very nature a very social place, with members and guests circulating through the club on a daily basis. The bar is the main meeting place, where if you arrive alone, you can be certain of being invited to join an existing group.

Thursday night is the regular dining night where between 25 and 50 members enjoy a two-course meal. This is an informal forum for chats about life’s experiences, sharing of jokes and a general chat about the club’s activities. This is also an excellent place to introduce guests and prospective new members to the club.

An arranged program of lunches and dinners occurs throughout the year with typically one each month. They include: Life Member and 50 Year Members dinner; an ‘End of Financial Year’ lunch; an AFL Grand Final lunch, different sports dinners; and a Christmas dinner.

In addition to these dates we have some great ‘traditional’ functions at Sandringham Club, the hallmark of which are the ‘Melbourne Cup Calcutta’, a black-tie affair held on Cup eve and filled with fine food, racing personalities and a very healthy prize pool and a Grande Bouffe dinner provided by a celebrity chef.

For members and their partners there are a range of well supported mixed events which include a ‘Rock & Roll’ nights, cabaret nights and a number of other musical nights and afternoons.

Many members make use of the club tennis and barbecue facilities with their wives and families on Sunday afternoons. These often develop into impromptu social events in the bar afterwards.

The social calendar is fittingly ended with our family Christmas Festival where the entire Club is Christmas-themed with lots of children’s activities and entertainment. This is a full day of fun for the whole family, especially enjoyed by proud grandfathers, fathers and wives and capped-off with a visit by Santa during the day.

Snooker and Billiards

Two excellent full-sized billiards tables are located in the Billiard. The room offers a unique ‘old world’ atmosphere which enhances the enjoyment of playing snooker, billiards or eight ball.

Snooker is the most popular game played by members and guests and can be enjoyed socially at any time. Thursday evenings, member dinner night, is particularly popular with both tables in use.

There are three tournaments played annually which all members can enter with the champions having their name placed on the board in gold. They are the Handicap Snooker, Scratch Snooker and Handicap Billiards.

The Club has four inter-club competitions a year with eight players in the Club team. We play the Mt. Eliza Club twice a year for the “Cup”, which has a twenty year tradition, and the Kooyong Club and Bentleigh Club once a year. These competitions are keenly contested with team members enjoying the challenge of playing singles and doubles with Club pride at stake.

During winter an Intra-Club Snooker Competition is played by 4 teams of 5 followed by dinner and wine.


The Club has one squash court with more than 30 active squash players.

Squash in the Sandringham club is predominantly pennant competition, with practice and social matches at other times.

The club has six pennant squash teams (of 5 players) competing in the Club Circuit from A to F grade, depending on player standards.

Squash pennant is played from Monday to Thursday evenings with a typical evening involving four matches followed by a meal with drinks and social interaction.

At the end of the pennant season each team has a small function usually at a restaurant.

There are two individual squash trophies. The Sandringham Squash Club Singles Championship, which is a knock-out format played over several months. The Jack Schaffer Trophy based on number of pennant wins for the year.

The squash court is available for member use from 8.00am to 10.00pm daily, use outside these hours can be arranged with the club manager. Court times are managed by a computer booking system.


Tennis is one of the most popular activities at the Sandringham Club. Currently about 100 members play tennis.

Five well maintained mod grass courts, all with lights for night use, are available for member use from 8.00am to 10.00pm daily.

An arranged program of 10 daytime tournaments and three 12-week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Night Teams tournaments provide 80 organised event days of tennis each year. Organised casual tennis is also played four times weekly on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, Thursday afternoons and Saturday afternoons.

Tennis lessons from a Tennis Australia accredited coach are available.

Use of the tennis courts is governed by the Club by laws. Note especially;

The daytime tournaments include three doubles tournaments (named after former club members Ted Moran, Arthur Burton and B.G. Ross). Each typically involves four sets of tennis before lunch, a sit-down meal, one further set after lunch, a formal tournament final and presentations, speeches and bell-ring drinks in the bar at the conclusion of the day. Typically 20-40 players participate in these events.

A Veterans versus Juniors Team Tournament is also held on a Sunday in Spring using a similar format to the above. The cut-off age is around 55 years and each team usually comprises 10 to 16 fit and/or crafty players.

The Teams Tournaments currently involve about 16 teams of four players with a range of skill levels in each team. Matches commence at 7.00pm and involve three sets for each player. On completion of tennis at about 9.45pm, a barbecue or equivalent simple meal is provided and is followed by results, awards, jokes/stories and a few drinks.

The Club Singles Championship, named after former member Ralph Burt, is played in the Spring months using a knock-out format with a three-set final and awards dinner held later in the year.

Tennis players are kept aware of the status of current and forthcoming events via the Noticeboard in the Club Changing Room or via the weekly tennis email which is currently sent to over 100 members who make-up 70 per cent of the Sandringham Club tennis fraternity.

Lawn Bowls

Bowls is played on Sunday morning, as well as Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The dress code is casual.

Start times are: Tuesdays @ 2:00pm
Thursday @ 2:00pm
Sundays @ 10:00am

There are two major tournaments each year, these are a singles and a pairs competition and are usually played on Sundays.

There are two social games during the year with our traditional rivals the West Brighton Club. The Club also has a special event trophy donated by the late Richard Bean and is played in the Spring/Summer.

Normally all tournaments are accompanied by a lunch or supper.


Many members are also members of a golf group.

The Sandringham Club yearly golf competitions consist of a Country Championship (handicapped) at Sorrento Golf Club, the Club Championship (scratch event) and City Champonship (handicapped) on sand-belt courses, a Four Ball competition on a sand-belt course and two team events against Peninsula-Kingswood Golf Club and Mt Eliza Club.

Players accumulate points throughout the year to determine the most consistent player for the year.

A Golf Dinner is held in March of each year at which a well-known golf guest is invited to speak. The golf program for the year is announced on this evening.

Many members of the Club are members of sand-belt clubs and they act as sponsors which make the golf more affordable. Light lunches and snacks are available and the days normally draw between 24 and 30 players.


Fishing is one of the popular informal sporting activities of Sandringham Club, as there is no regular commitment required. The emphasis on fishing trips is to ensure that the anglers have an enjoyable time. We nearly always catch fish, but we always have a good time! There are usually 2-3 trips a year.

Phillip Bay
One or two-day trips on Port Phillip Bay in a charter boat with about 20 anglers.

Jack Brockoff Memorial
The 'Jack Brockoff Memorial' fishing trip on Port Phillip Bay. The trophy honors the memory of Sir Jack Brockoff (of biscuit fame), and a Club member for many years. The competition starts early in the morning, with weigh-in at lunchtime. Anglers fish from Club members’ boats. The number of boats varies from year to year, but usually six to eight boats participate. Following the weigh-in, the morning’s exploits are exaggerated in the comfort of the Club bar.

Interstate fishing
Once a year, 20 or so of the Club’s more enthusiastic anglers leave the comfort of ‘Coggleshall’ and fish for 4 to 5 days, usually interstate. Over the last few years we have fished at Spencers Gulf, King Island, Wonboyne, Eden and Flinders Island.