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2016 Club Champion

The 2016 Squash Open Grand Final was played in July last year between Tony Bonanno (No.2 seed) and David Cooper (No.5 seed). David came out of the blocks quickly and raced to an early lead and finished off winning the 1st game comfortably. Tony steadied and with more consistent play won a tight 2nd game and then won the 3rd and 4th games comfortably

Congratulations to Tony Bonanno for winning his first Sandringham Squash Open Championship.

The trophy on offer, the SYD WRIGHT CUP, shows the first winner of this prestigious trophy as being John Dockendorff, in 1956. Winners since include Bill Hunt, brother of the more famous world champion, Geoff Hunt. Bill however was no slouch with the squash racket and won the trophy 6 times in an unbroken spell between 1964 and 1969. Other past winners include current club members Colin Brooks, Richard Alderson, Peter Child, and Albert Betts.

David Cooper congratulates 2016 Club Champion Tony Bonnano

2017 Squash Handicap Champion

On Sunday 4th June the final of the 2017 Sandringham Club Championship for the Fred Craig Cup was played out on our iconic squash court. This event was first played in 1956, some 62 years ago.

Our two finalists this year were Phillip Harvey on a handicap of 12, and Luke Richardson off 17. The match is decided on a best of three games, first to 25 points. The first game started cautiously, with early nerves a feature. A fault on serve from Phill illustrated this fact. But the game soon picked up with good squash being played by both players, with winning shots the order of the day rather than errors. The first game in any three setter is pivotal. The players reached 23 - 23. And it was Phill who came out on top 25 to 23 with two telling winners. The second game, by comparison, was never close. Luke soon took the ascendancy and the improvement in his squash these last few years was clearly evident in his play. He cruised home, winning the last four rallies, to win 25 to 16. So it was one game all, with all to play for in the third and deciding game. Luke was quickly out of the traps winning the first three rallies, but Phill clawed his way back into the contest to trail 20 to Luke's 22. Then we had the rally of the tournament. Squash aficionados will no doubt have watched Youtube videos of the best 10 rallies on the Squash Professional Circuit. Well the rally on Sunday afternoon was up there with them. We lost count of the number of shots. This was not a rally of controlled length, but more one where one player went for their drop shot, the other recovered, the ascendancy in the rally fluctuating, until eventually Phill dragged Luke forward before hitting a good length ball to the back of the court that Luke couldn't reach. Wow! The crowd erupted. Meanwhile both players were just about spent. The rally proved decisive. Phill gained control of the rallies that followed, winning the final four points to win the game 25 to 22, and so the match two games to one.

The Fred Craig Cup was presented to Phill Harvey by Squash Convenor Greg Cullen. Runner Up is Luke Richardson (right).

2016 Jack Schaffer Award

Our annual JOHN SCHAFFER AWARD for consistency in Club Circuit is calculated based on the aggregate of performances in the Spring (2016) and Autumn (2017) seasons. Defending Champion (2015/2016) was FRANK BOURKE, and at the halfway mark this 2016/2017 year he had a 100% win/loss record. He continued his good form into the recent Autumn 2017 season even though he moved up 5 grades from F1 up to C3, with 14 wins out of 16 matches, a great effort! Thus he achieved a winning 91% win/loss record for the 2016/2017 John Schaffer year. Will he achieve the three-peat in 2017/2018?

Second came SIMON RAND (77%) and TONNY NOESGAARD (73%)